Munoz-Stock 2015


The Spawn of Munoz-Stock
The spawn of Munoz-Stock began in 2011 when Shanon Ian Muñoz decided he wanted to ROCK the F out! He gathered all his resources and called all his scholars in the industry, and they ROCKED like they NEVER ROCKED before! His band The Muckrakers continued the legacy year after year, and will continue to ROCK until they can't ROCK anymore!
Breakthrough | The Schwam

Breakthrough | The Schwam

Heeeeeeeeeere it is! Our first album! We are so glad to be sharing this with you! Enjoy! Exclamation point!

I Decide | Last Minet

From the homies Last Minet!

In Vein (Live) | The Muckrakers

You cut out my eyes!

Untitled | The Muckrakers

Some funky bass lines!

Doomed | The Muckrakers

We are all DOOMED!

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2015-08-24 06:25:44
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4th Annual Munoz-Stock | August 15, 2015

This years Munoz-Stock was definitely one for the books!  With 80+ people to see this year’s show at the Muñoz residents, the festival couldn’t have looked any better.  This year featured a futuristic arcade machine and cornhole tournament for all it’s guests.  One question remains unanswered… what will happen next year?!

2015 / 08 / 24
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